About The Kitchen

The Kitchen is one part indie shabbat community, one part San Francisco experiment, and one part tool kit for DIY jewish practice. We’re building a connected, spiritually alive jewish generation and a new resonant approach to religious life in San Francisco. 

We believe that jewish religious practice can transform: It can change lives, make meaning, and invest people in the world. 

This transformation requires a living ecosystem of jewish experiences. We believe this ecosystem can be flexible in new ways without giving up on its impact. 

This is why we're developing two channels: One is community based, and builds off the successes of independent jewish communities around the country. The second is personally initiated, takes advantage of existing social networks, and is cultivated by Kitchen curated teachers and staff. We believe that these core community experiences and high-content, individually driven experiences together can comprise a jewish ecosystem that makes good on its promises of growth and justice. 

We know the challenges are great. But the prize, a transformative religious community with room for many expressions of serious jewish living and a collective power to do good, is even greater. We are doing nothing more than other generations have done before us, insisting on harnessing the power of jewish life in our time.