What do you get when you join The Kitchen?
You get to build something that matters.
For families who kick it in style.
What says love more than signing up pour deux?
You're single, you're fabulous.
When you sell your dot.com, remember we loved you when.
Live somewhere else? Rocking another shul? This one's all you.

What do you get when you join The Kitchen?

  • Unlimited access to our now infamous shabbats.
  • First pick at those over-the-top feasts and holidays you've heard about (including High Holidays).
  • An opportunity to participate in our ground-breaking Freedom School.
  • A meaningfully modern approach to life cycle events from the cradle on up (baby namings, weddings, you name it). 
  • The chance to be on the ground floor of this holy start-up we've got going.
  • A tax deduction (ok, it's a bit more mundane, but it's true).
Sure you get all that, but really, joining the Kitchen means stepping it up and connecting with a community of folks like you. We want people who can see where we're going and are willing to get us there. If you're ready to be counted in and counted on, this is for you.  So what do you get when you join The Kitchen?  You get to build something that matters.

(Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it already.)

Monthly vs. Annual
We know it might be a bit easier to sign up for a month or two rather than pay for the year, that's why we have the monthly option. If that's for you, enjoy, we just need a three month commitment to start.

However, if you sign up for the year it's better for us (we can plan our budget without having to use that pesky crystal ball) and better for you. 

Either way, we're glad you're joining.